royal taiba ceramic

From the very inception of RCL we had the aim of using raw materials available in Bangladesh or any other foreign countries in manufacturing quality Wall & Homogeneous tiles or Sanitary & Table wares.Ceramic manufacturing is used to produce commercial products that are very variety in size, shape, detail, difficulty, and material composition, structure, and cost. The aim of manufacturing processing to an applied ceramic science is the natural result of an increasing ability to refine, develop, and characterize ceramic materials.

They are typically produced by the application of heat upon processed kaolin and other natural raw materials to form a solid product. Porcelain products that use naturally occurring rocks and minerals as a starting material must undergo special processing in order to control purity, particle size, particle size distribution, and heterogeneity. These properties play a big role in the final attributes of the finished ceramic. Chemically prepared powders also are used as starting materials for some ceramic products. These synthetic materials can be controlled to produce powders with precise chemical compositions and particle size.

The next step is to form the ceramic particles into a required shape. This is accomplished by the addition of water and/or additives such as binders, followed by a forming process. Some of the most common forming methods for ceramics include extrusion, slip casting, pressing, tape casting and injection molding. After that, these “green” ceramics undergo a sintering to produce a hard, finished product. Some pottery products such as electrical insulators, dinnerware and tile may then undergo a glazing process. Some ceramics for advanced applications may undergo a machining and/or polishing step in order meet specific engineering design properties.

Dinnerware & Dinner sets

Set your table with your style from breakfast cereals to candlelit dinners, our wide choice of dinnerware and dinner sets has everything covered. It combines practicality with style, so your table always has your personal touch. And even candlelit dinners taste better when you know you can pop the plates in the dishwasher afterwards.

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