PET flakes polymer is very sensitive to hydrolytic degradation, resulting in severe reduction in its molecular weight, thereby adversely affecting its subsequent melt processability. Therefore, it is essential to dry the PET flakes or granules to a very low moisture level prior to melt extrusion. Dehumidifying Drying – These types of dryers circulate hot and de-humidified dry air onto the resin, suck the air back in a closed loop operation. The efficiency of moisture removal depends on the air dew point. If the air dew point is not good, then some moisture remains is the chips and cause Intrinsic Viscosity loss during processing. The combination of recycling step and production step results in a competitive investment costs and helps to reduce energy consumption and maintenance while remaining user-friendly. PET flakes are also a valuable secondary resource for strapping bands, which can be made from up to 100 % recycling PET.
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